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We promise to provide a Confidential, Convenient, Comfortable, Clear, and Compassionate Counseling Experience.


We use the highest degree of professionalism in regard to your privacy when it comes to counseling services, files, and communication. In addition, our stand-alone building tucked away in a small residential area with a private parking lot provides you with anonymity whenever you attend counseling.


Not only is our office located 2 minutes from major freeways and 5 minutes from DFW airport, but we also offer web-based and in-home counseling for those with travel limitations.


We are friendly, our offices are comfortable, and the complimentary beverages and treats are a delightful surprise. We will do whatever we can to make your counseling experience as comfortable as possible.


In the second session, you will received a personalized plan of care that describes in detail the goals, length, process, and financial commitment for the entire counseling process. We will give you a clear picture of what counseling will be like from the very beginning.


We know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and discouraged so we never judge you for wanting help. In fact, we are honored that you are willing to share your journey with us. We will help you feel better about life and better about yourself, encouraging you each step of the way.