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” I know the anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of failure that life can bring.  But I also know how to transform them into incredible joy, rich relationships, and a powerful sense of self-worth.  I love helping people overcome whatever is holding them back, and I have both the training and personal experience to guide them along the way. I would be honored to help you make similar transformations in your own life!” -Read Full Profile

More About Grapevine Counseling Center

Grapevine Counseling Center provides professional counseling that transforms the lives of teenagers, adults, couples, and families.

Grapevine Counseling Center offers counseling for all major areas of concern including marriage counseling, anxiety, depression, anger management, addiction, and much more.  The quiet but convenient location and the beautiful office building provide a comfortable and confidential counseling experience.

The core values of Grapevine Counseling Center are empathy, compassion, relational connection, and truth.  Our counselors use these elements to transform lives.